OPTEN completed another data acquisition stage of LIDAR survey of 2000 kms of power transmission lines in New Zealand for national electric network operator Transpower within schedule and planned budget despite of bushfires in the area of survey.

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Another successful LIDAR survey project completed in France. OPTEN surveyed 100 kms of power transmission lines for RTE in Toulouse region.

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Х 35 kV Ц 500 kV power line design and fiber optic overhead lines design on the base of ADSS and OPGW

Х Investigation of TL carrying capacity. Development of technical recomendation for power transmission lines uprating

Х OPGW temperature monitoring on the base of distributed temperature sensing (DTS) during OPGW ice melting & Technical state monitoring of optical fibers in optical fiber cable

Х Sale and consulting services on PLS-CADD software - used for overhead lines 3D model creation, performing engineering calculation, transmission lines design and existing transmission lines analysis

Х Certification works of fiber optic cables  

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