OPTEN completed another data acquisition stage of LIDAR survey of 2000 kms of power transmission lines in New Zealand for national electric network operator Transpower within schedule and planned budget despite of bushfires in the area of survey.

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Another successful LIDAR survey project completed in France. OPTEN surveyed 100 kms of power transmission lines for RTE in Toulouse region.

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Monitoring Systems

Throughout several past years our experts have been developing a number of techniques for various applications related to safe and efficient maintenance of OHL and FOCL. With all variety of the tasks and challenges, there are some basic approaches to solutions that we offer. All applications include precise sensing and using optical fibers as a medium for data obtained. This data is processed and analyzed in real-time mode with specially developed software, and appropriate parameters may be controlled from any point connected to internet.
Monitoring systems are complex solutions applied to particular grid infrastructure facilities. Despite the developments novelty, we have already installed a number of systems. More specifically, the applications include:

Fiber-Optic Tension Measurement System

The purpose of FOTMS is direct sag and tension control for ampacity evaluation and conductor icing detection. The system uses a well-protected sensor installed on tower body that needs no power supply, and is resistant to electromagnetic fields. Existing fiber optic link is used to transmit tension value data to processing point. No need for maintenance and high reliability of the system, precise measurement and real-time data acquisition make it a good investment in overall overhead lines safe performance.

Distributed Temperature Sensing System for OPGW

Ice melting on OPGW is a line maintenance requirement at certain radial ice size or in specific places of frequent wire galloping. With optical fibers installed inside OPGW, such procedures may cause damage to these fibers that makes it important to know precisely when and where fiber temperature comes close to critical values. Traditionally used applications presumed installation of extra equipment and indirect measurement technologies that apparently reduced benefits of such as control tools. DTS needs no extra equipment on line; it uses signals penetrating inside fiber itself as a remote sensing showing actual real-time fiber temperature at every point throughout the entire line. Critical temperature peaks can occur at quite short distances from normal values, and traditional measurement is very unlikely to detect such. DTMS is an online tool that can guarantee optical fibers safety during ice melting performance.

Flashover prediction for OHL

This system uses partial discharge sensors and wireless data transmission with further analysis to predict possible line outage due to contaminated insulators. This is an issue mostly in industrial areas and other places where dust deposition on insulators lead to fault current and sudden power supply interruption. Information provided by the system allows utilities to timely plan and undertake cleaning operations.

For any issues related to sensing and monitoring applications please contact Andrey Vanyakin or Alexander Oreshkin

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